“The Frontiersmen is a network of local units created by citizens in order to better prepare for man-made, economic, and natural disasters throughout the United States. Our mission is to provide for the education, training, and equipping of members to mutually defend our friends, families & property during a crisis.”

- Official Mission Statement 

The Goal is to Prepare

The goal of the Frontiersmen is to provide a “safety net” for you and your family. The threat of terrorism, economic collapse, natural disasters and civil unrest are but an emergency away. And what would be thought of as impossible today can be the new reality tomorrow. Consider 9/11 – not to be dismissive of the significance of that situation, but the world changed in a day as a result of a few planes crashing. How do you think it would change if you woke up tomorrow and heard the dollar crashed? How would that affect your family? Are you prepared with food, water and emergency supplies? Would civil unrest and looting be a concern? The thought alone is scary; the fact that it’s completely possible given the economic situation is truly frightening.

In addition to fiscal issues, we are reminded on a daily basis from such organizations as NASA, NOAA, FEMA, DHS, and others to prepare for a variety of situations that threaten us. Every day it seems as if these government agencies are warning us to expect the unexpected. We have all heard of such calamities as massive solar flares disrupting the power grid; NEO asteroid impacts; a Yellowstone “super volcano” eruption; an earthquake on the New Madrid fault; terrorism; war; floods; severe winter storms; the list goes on and on.

The unprepared become victims

What would you do if faced with any of these situations? Will you get in line at the nearest food distribution point and wait for your rationed handouts? Move to a government facility for your own protection? Would you leave your security in the hands of a strained law enforcement agency? Would you stay at home and just hope for the best? How would you care for those who may be in need and are looking to you for help? How would you protect yourself against those who look at what you have as theirs for the taking? Remember the plight of those left unprepared after Katrina?

With so many looming threats to our way of life, something must be done in order to better prepare to meet these challenges. This is where the Frontiersmen come into play – to help organize family and friends into individual, localized teams and to facilitate the networking of like-minded people throughout the country or mutual support and common defense.

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