A New Idea for a New Day

Throughout the Patriot Community there are groups that can generally be categorized in one of three ways: survivalists, preppers, and militia. While each of these types of groups have their strengths, in 2009 an entirely new approach was developed to organize into groups that concentrated on all aspects - living off the land, preparing our families, and offering a defense to protect what we have built.

Initially formed under ORC S5923 (D) as a small unorganized militia to protect ourselves from civil unrest or other crisis where the rule of law may break down, the Frontiersmen quickly expanded. With the addition of units throughout Ohio and then other states, the Frontiersmen developed into a national, family-focused civil defense network to support & defend all our members in any situation that may affect their families, homes, or their communities.

Below is an overview of our evolution; highlights of this journey; a brief look into how a small group in NE Ohio transformed into the Frontiersmen we see today.

May 7

New Regiment – Oregon

The Oregon Frontiersmen are formed.

March 6

Trademark Published

The Frontiersmen as a trademark is officially published.

January 1

A Revised Charter

A new version of the charter & bylaws is introduced.

January 1

The Frontiersmen, Inc.

The Frontiersmen, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to educate, train, and assist individuals to be self-reliant in an emergency.

November 27

A New Flag

A new flag as well as an updated logo is officially announced.

February 18

Official ByLaws are Drafted

The official Bylaws of The Frontiersmen are accepted by the Trustees.

April 2

New Regiment – New Jersey

The New Jersey Frontiersmen are formed.

October 23

New Regiment – Nevada

The Nevada Frontiersmen are formed.

July 14

A National Focus

National committees are established to handle membership issues and to streamline processes.

June 14

The Restructuring

The Frontiersmen now officially identify as a “national civil defense network” with a focus on the national aspect of our mission. A board of Trustees is established to lead the new restructuring.

June 11

New Regiment – Colorado

The Colorado Frontiersmen are formed.

June 9

New Regiment – Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Frontiersmen are formed.

May 1

New Regiment – Louisiana

The Louisiana Frontiersmen are formed.

April 18

Trademark Filed

“The Frontiersmen” is filed and a trademark is pending.

September 26

New Regiment – Georgia

The Georgia Frontiersmen are formed.

May 22

Frontiersmen Charter is Copyrighted

The charter is officially copyrighted. 

January 2

New Regiment – North Carolina

The North Carolina Frontiersmen are formed.

January 2

New Regiment – Florida

The Florida Frontiersmen are formed.

December 26

New Regiment – New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Frontiersmen are formed.

December 19

New Regiment – Idaho

The Idaho Frontiersmen are formed.

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