A New Idea for a New Day

Throughout the Patriot Community there are groups that can generally be categorized in one of three ways: survivalists, preppers, and militia. While each of these types of groups have their strengths, in 2009 an entirely new approach was developed to organize into groups that concentrated on all aspects - living off the land, preparing our families, and offering a defense to protect what we have built.

Initially formed under ORC S5923 (D) as a small unorganized militia to protect ourselves from civil unrest or other crisis where the rule of law may break down, the Frontiersmen quickly expanded. With the addition of units throughout Ohio and then other states, the Frontiersmen developed into a national, family-focused civil defense network to support & defend all our members in any situation that may affect their families, homes, or their communities.

Below is an overview of our evolution; highlights of this journey; a brief look into how a small group in NE Ohio transformed into the Frontiersmen we see today.

December 10

A Revised Charter is Published

Following the success in organizing multiple troops across Ohio, a newly revised charter is published.

November 3

Troop ID Numbers

To simplify identification of all the various troops in the state, county names were removed as the reference and Troop ID numbers were introduced.

October 31

The Frontiersmen Across Ohio

Our approach resonated with many, and requests to form new troops began to come in throughout 2011. By this time, the Frontiersmen would claim membership across the entire state.

November 19

The First “Sister” Troop is Formed

After posting some of our activities on social media, friends began to take an interest in what we were doing. Following a short debate, instead of joining, it was decided they can use our charter to duplicate what we are doing. Soon a second unit formed. This created the “autonomous troop” structure we have today.

January 16

Our First Charter

While copies of the “rules” have been circulating the original group, the first published charter is printed.

September 17

Our First Patch

We created 2 patches for members, one for both the Minutemen & Pioneer Corps.

August 1

Our First Challenge

Within weeks, 3 of the original 8 members fell away, threatening the very existence of the new group. The remaining members reaffirmed our commitment and moved forward. Overcoming this first major issue has set the level of resilience that would later become part of our fabric. To this day, Frontiersmen do not stop, we adapt and overcome.

June 1

The “Ohio Frontiersmen” is formed

Since Ohio was considered the “frontier” during the 1700s, and the frontiersmen of old were precisely the model we were encapsulating, the group adopted that name. With our charter now complete and our mission clear, the “Ohio Frontiersmen” was officially formed.

May 28

Declaration of Intent

For legal standing, the Ohio Frontiersmen declared our right to form, for our mutual defense, as an unorganized militia group under the US Constitution, the Ohio Constitution, and Ohio Revised Code S5923 (D) which states “The unorganized militia consists of those citizens of the state as described in division (A) of this section who are not members of the Ohio organized militia.”

May 9

A New Approach

After some weeks of debating the different opinions, an entirely new approach was fashioned – one that mixed the defensive training of militia; the preparedness of the prepping community; and the primitive survival techniques of survivalists into one.

April 18

The First Meeting

The discussion ranged from natural disasters to social unrest resulting from an economic collapse and toward the end of the evening, we agreed to assemble an official group for mutual support and our common defense. With half of the participants being prior militia members from the 1990s and the rest with survival or prepping experience, we had a unique microcosm in our group. One that would allow us to merge the benefits of these areas and discard aspects that were not beneficial.

February 20

The Idea

After numerous 1 on 1 discussions with friends and family concerning the economy and civil unrest, Dan reaches out to set up a meeting to look at options. Everyone thought something needed to be done – to guarantee our families are safe and to come to each other’s aid during any crisis where civil unrest could occur.

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