Basic Criteria

All interested parties shall be considered for membership in the Frontiersmen – there is a role for everyone, regardless of sex, age, or physical limitation. No person shall be excluded on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, political opinions, gender, or age. However, minors shall require the written consent or presence of a parent or guardian to participate.

Frontiersmen tactical drill training

Joining an Existing Troop

All troops manage their own membership, however guidelines for general membership must be adhered to. Any prospective member should meet most or all of the criteria above in addition to standard guidelines outlined below. Potential members possessing less than 4 of the 5 of the following should be examined more thoroughly before being allowed to join your troop.

  1. Be known or associated with at least 1 other member
  2. Highly motivated and willing to participate
  3. Possess the means to prepare themselves with food, equipment, firearms, etc.
  4. Honest & dependable
  5. Willing to come to the aid of others when needed

The Frontiersmen live by a specific creed. We hold to this as our means of keeping us united as a cohesive group. Potential members must become familiar with the Frontiersmen Creed & Oath prior to membership.

Forming a New Troop

If joining an existing unit is not an option, you still have the option of creating a new one with your friends/family. New units may be created by any current member or by non-members wishing to become Frontiersmen.

All applicants should read the Official Charter prior to purchasing a subscription.

If you would like to meet with us on TeamSpeak to discuss the organization, please schedule an Introductory Meeting.

When you are ready to join, purchase a Troop membership package to begin the process.