June 7, 2018

Hawaiian neighborhoods completely destroyed as lava rolls into the sea

Satellite images show lava approaching Vacationland, which has since been wiped away by the scalding magma. (DigitalGlobe/Maxar via AP)

(http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com) – Volcanic activity wiped out an entire neighborhood on Hawaii’s Big Island, as lava rolled into the ocean and hardened to formed new land.

Molten magma destroyed homes in the Vacationland neighborhood Wednesday, the latest downturn on the state’s largest island, which has been rocked by eruptions for more than a month.

Many of the 279 homes in Vacationland and neighboring Kapho are believed to have been destroyed by the rolling lava, officials said Wednesday.

“I lost everything,” resident Gregory Braun told local news channel KGMB, adding his flower business was decimated as unforgiving lava blanketed parts of southeast Big Island. “Hawaii probably lost half of the state’s cut flower orchid production in four days.”

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