June 7, 2018

Shocking satellite photos show entire towns obliterated after Guatemala’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ buried them

A closer view of San Miguel Los Lotes shows only a small part of the town is even visible, let alone vaguely intact, after the ash ‘curtain’ swept through it in just three minutes

(http://www.dailymail.co.uk) – Giant clouds of superheated smoke and ash burned people alive and buried entire towns in a deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala that killed almost 100 people.

Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday’s eruption show whole suburbs wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them.

What was once a collection of green canyons, hillsides and farms was reduced to grey devastation by fast-moving avalanches of super-heated muck that roared into the tightly knit villages on the mountain’s flanks. 

Volcan de Fuego, meaning ‘Volcano of Fire’ spewed a ‘curtain’ of ash 20,000ft into the air and sent rapid pyroclastic flows through at least seven nearby towns in the biggest eruption for four decades.

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