• The Frontiersmen wish to salute all the Thai & American rescuers who saved the trapped boy's soccer team. You are all heroes!
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  • To all the fallen who have memorialized themselves as heroes of the Republic. The Frontiersmen stand and salute you… https://t.co/GHBvbdxMjZ

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Is your family prepared for an emergency?

We have all heard of such calamities as economic collapse; massive solar flares disrupting the power grid; NEO asteroid impacts; a Yellowstone “super volcano” eruption; an earthquake on the New Madrid fault; terrorism; war; civil unrest; mob attacks; floods; severe storms and much more. With so many warning signs from a variety of sources, it is no wonder that F.E.M.A. urges all Americans to have an emergency preparation plan in effect.

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The Frontiersmen work together with members throughout the country. Our goal is to build and assist local groups to prepare & train, so they may come together as one cohesive force to assist and defend all members in times of an emergency. Many together - united as one.

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