Ready for Anything

Survival training is a vital part of the Frontiersmen program. Whether it is a class on fire-making, a day course on orienteering, or a weekend outing dedicated to tracking, trapping, and foraging, the lost skills of personal survival in the wilderness remains one of the core functions of the organization.

We believe that despite what equipment you may own, or where you may be located, the art of survival is key to ensuring you can mitigate any crisis. Whether you are lost in the woods, or if the region you're in is faced with a food shortage, the ability to live off the land, independent of "the system", could be the difference between life & death.

Our membership contains some of the most skilled outdoorsmen around, some who have spent a lifetime developing their knowledge of primitive survival & bushcraft. And each of them are willing to share their skills with other Frontiersmen.

Some skills that we focus on include:

  • Preparing a campsite
  • Finding & purifying water
  • Fire starting
  • Fishing (with or without gear)
  • Identifying edible plants
  • Navigation & direction sense
  • Orienteering
  • Rope making & rope use
  • Shelter building
  • Signaling
  • Solar cooking & cooling
  • Tracking
  • Trapping
  • Treating injuries

Whatever Your Skill Level

Are you skilled in primitive survival?

All of our training is member-driven, which is to say our members share their knowledge with others in order to strengthen the whole. It is folks like you that we have such a stucture. Where we all come together in order that we may learn from each other the skills we all have.

Do you need to learn survival skills?

Well that is what we are here for! Our goal is to assist you and your troop in learning the necessary skills to give you the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Even if you have never experienced the great outdoors first-hand, you'll be able to do so under the instruction of seasoned survivalists willing to help you each step along the way.

So whether you are an expert in bushcraft or have never stayed a night in the woods, the Frontiersmen are right for you!

Are you ready to Join ?