Everyone Should Prepare

All Frontiersmen are preppers by definition, but it could be argued that nearly everyone is a prepper, regardless if they realize it or not. Let's take the average citizen for instance. They may say they are not a prepper, but the fact is most people have a 401k for retirement. Why do they have that? Because they are prepping for a time when they know money may be tight, so they put a little away to be ready for that day.

Prepping for a disaster is no different. We encourage everyone to put away food, gear, supplies, communications equipment, and more for a time when these items may be in short supply or non-existent.

If you do not have food to last, you may be stuck in a line where you are last to food.

You only need to look at the people caught by Hurricane Katrina and the flooding thereafter. People were trapped in their homes for weeks with no power, no food, no way of communicating, and no means of traversing the water. Food spoiled in the freezer as they lived on whatever canned goods they had. Search and rescue teams had to scour the areas looking for people as they had no means of communicating with the outside world. They were helpless - and they shouldn't of been.

The Frontiersmen encourage our members to be self-sufficient in times of need. To have the food and supplies necessary to support their families for months at a time.

Some items we encourage people to prepare include:

  • Alternative communications equipment
  • Clothing organized for climate
  • Detection equipment
  • Family emergency plans
  • Food & water for 30 days (minimum)
  • Freeze-dried foods
  • Fuel for generators & vehicles
  • Gardening
  • Portable gear & tents
  • Power generators
  • Pre-prepared "go bags"
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Signaling equipment
  • Solar chargers
  • Water purification systems

We Help You Build Your Preps

Don't know where to start? With members from coast to coast all preparing their families, our members are some of the most experienced in the field. They can offer you assistance in what to buy and where to buy it so that your money goes further.

Even if you never stored away an extra can of tuna, the Frontiersmen can help you create and implement a plan that is right for your family. All journeys start with the first step - and the Frontiersmen can assist you every step along the way. It is time you prepared your family and have the peace of mind that comes with it.

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