The Frontiersmen Model

The Frontiersmen are a mixture of different groups into an entirely new model. We encompass most of the aspects of prepping, survival, and militia groups, while leaving behind stuff we feel may not be beneficial.

By merging the beneficial aspects of each category into one, we have developed an approach with a 360 degree field of view. We learn primitive survival so that we are not dependant upon the system; prepare our families for a variety of emergencies; and then train to defend ourselves in any worst case scenario.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

- Benjamin Franklin



Our organization fully embraces the "prepper" mindset of storing supplies for a worst case scenario. We encourage members to have sufficient food, water, equipment, shelter, and other vital provisions not only for themselves, but for those who may come to them later in need. As Frontiersmen, we must expect those around us to look to us for guidance in the midst of a crisis and we should be prepared to offer that help. For this reason - all Frontiersmen families should be acquiring more provisions then their family would need.

Additionally, all troops are encouraged to have renewable power supplies and off-grid communications equipment to network with other units when the power goes out or the modern communications system breaks down.




We incorporate the survivalist mindset of security and "living off the land". Our units train in hunting, trapping, tracking, fishing, foraging, shelter building, and more. Skills needed to support the troop so the whole is not only dependent upon the supplies at hand.

We do this while maintaining a structure that facilitates a large membership base. This allows us to eliminate the one aspect of survivalism that may be it's Achilles’ Heel - the Lone Wolf mentality.



Tactical Training

Finally, none of this would be any good if you couldn't protect it. So the Frontiersmen train our units to defend themselves. In a situation where civil unrest spawns looting - those who have been prepping will be attractive targets. To help assure the families will be safe, we all train not only individuals to defend themselves, but also to work together so that all of us may be able to guard against aggression as one cohesive force.

Our training focuses on everything from long distance marksmanship to close-quarter battles (CQB) utilizing small unit tactics. Team training allows troops to work together if necessary, and individual defensive techniques prepare people for when they may find themselves alone.

With our unique approach that incorporates survival, prepping, and tactical defense, you can rest assured our members are quite prepared to meet any challenge that we may face.

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