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Here is a list of common questions we recieve.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at membership@thefrontiersmen.org.

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Why do I need to prepare if I'm not a "prepper"?

Everyone is a prepper.

Do you have a 401k? If so, you are preparing for a time when you will need more money. Do you buy groceries? You are preparing for a time when you will be hungry.

What we do is the same. The only difference is we are preparing for a time when we may need food, shelter, safety, or the assistance of others to help us if faced with a situation that may be difficult.

Why choose Frontiersmen over a prepper group?

There are many different prepper forums out there. They offer a lot of information on homesteading, alternative power, off the grid communications, and the like.

Some even offer an "alliance" of sorts - to help eachother out during a crisis. But in most instances, these groups are for information only and offer no support in times of need.

With them, every family becomes an island unto themselves during a crisis.

With the Frontiersmen, we prepare just as any prepper would, but also offer the safety of a strong supporting community.

Why choose Frontiersmen over a survival group?

The core strength of a survivalist group is actually the core problem, secrecy.

Survivalists function in small groups and tend to look at others with distrust. What some would call the "Walking Dead" mindset (based on the series).

In the Frontiersmen, we train as survivalists and we also cling to very strict privacy for our members. However, in a crisis, we have a wide variety of people and resources to help us mitigate the situation.

This allows us to harness the strength of survival groups while eliminating the drawbacks of the "lone wolf" model.

Why choose Frontiersmen over a militia group?

We have a lot of experience with militia. The founder was part of the Ohio Militia throughout the 1990s and many of our troops were former militia.

While we support those who work in the militia, we see the need for a more well-rounded approach to the threats we face as a nation. One that includes the entire family, while focusing on balancing preparedness, survival, and tactical training.

Militia may be useful in a conflict, however they are lacking the logistics, preparedness, and overall capabilities needed in situations not requiring arms - such as severe weather, economic collapse, food shortages, etc.

For this reason, we would encourage militia to adopt our model and join the Frontiersmen.

Why is prepping important?

"Prepping" as the term is known, is simply preparing your family for a situation in the future. Prepping is much like having an insurance policy for your family.

Families with no stockpile of food will starve in a shortage, being dependent on hand outs when food becomes scarce.

The ability to have a supply of food, water, gasoline, or any commodity, available during a shortage ensures that your family will have time in order to respond logically to a crisis.

The lack of supplies or even planning will result in fear, leading to irrational choices and actions during an emergency.

Why is having survival skills important?

Ever been lost?

The ability to navigate land properly, find food & water in the wild, build a shelter, or simply know what direction you are travelling is vital.

Without such skills, you are at the mercy of your environment. With a primitive survival skillset, you control your environment.

It is far better to have the knowledge and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Why is tactical training important?

Anyone that prepares for a crisis and has no way of protecting it, is vulnerable.

Consider the situation if there is a food shortage and there are hungry people looking to take what others have. Do you have the means of defending yourself? Do you have the training to utilize those means?

Could you work in unison with other troops if a mutual defense was required?

Unifying tactical training is a must in securing your homes and families.

Why do I need the Frontiersmen?

Because we bring people together.

We help organize troops, network them with others on a national basis, and offer guidance to make your family as secure as possible.

And with membership comes friendship. The bonds that come from families working together toward the same goal can last a lifetime.

There are other organizations out there - but none are as family-focused, organized, nationally available, and active as the Frontiersmen.

We hope you consider joining.

What is The Frontiersmen, Inc?

The Frontiersmen, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit association. It coordinates activities, networking, communication, publications, and maintains the guidelines for members of the Frontiersmen.

Our mission is to help organize, educate, assist, and instruct our members to better prepare them to be self-sufficient in a man-made, economic, or natural disaster.

Are you a militia?

Under a state's laws or constitution, nearly all the people are legally classified as part of a state's militia. It is the individual member's right to identify themselves as a part of that state's milia class if they desire to do so.

The Frontiersmen is not in itself an "unorganized militia" as we consist of all the people; including active military, reservists, law enforcement, government employees, and civilians alike. We also include the young and old, as we do not limit participation based on age.

Nor is the Frontiersmen a para-military organization by any means. There is no leadership structure other than troop leaders, team leaders, etc. As each troop is autonomous (acting independently), there is no command & control aperatus like one would see in a state-wide or national militia.

We are everyone who has a desire to protect their families during an emergency. A "civilian version of FEMA" or "Boy Scouts® for adults" would more adequately describe the Frontiersmen.

Do Frontiersmen get "called out" to respond to a crisis?


There is no command structure past the local troop. Each troop operates autonomously based on its own set of capabilities & circumstances at the time.

If a crisis occurs and a troop is in need of assistance, they may request that from other units capable of helping.

It is up to the individual troop as to what, if any, aid can be offered at the time.

How is the organization structured?

There is an elected board of Trustees that server 2-year terms. The board oversees the general direction of the organization, including: goals, budget, fund-raising, logo & insignia, publications, press releases, membership, as well as official events.

The daily operation is performed by the president, vice-president, treasurer, and other positions that may be staffed as needed.

We have 1 class of membership, called "a troop". A troop is a single group of individuals united together to form that unit.

All the troops located in a single county are referred to as a "company".

All troops of a given state are referred to as a "regiment".

A regiment may vote on issues affecting their state by holding a State Assembly. In such cases, each troop in the regiment has 1 vote on any such proposal. Additionally, a regiment will have a people elected from it's membership to fill one or more positions, such as regiment coordinator, treasurer, and others as needed. These positions serve to assist troops in their state with networking, scheduling events, local fund-raising, and more as well as coordinate with other regiments nationally.

How long has the Frontiersmen been around?

The Frontiersmen began as a single troop in February 2009.

By 2011 we had membership throughout the state of Ohio.

In 2012, we expanded as a national unicorporated association.

In 2017, The Frontiersmen, Inc. was created to officially manage the association.

Are all members required to have a gun?

As a civil defense network, our members are aware there may be times where you find yourself in a situation that you may have to defend yourself or your homes.

Looters, rioters and other threats may befall neighborhoods if there were a catastrophic event; such as rioting, a hurricane or economic collapse.

For this reason we encourage all members to possess the means to defend themselves and offer instruction in the same.

With that said, ownership of firearms or any other protection is not mandatory.

Are you required to wear a uniform?


We have an official uniform, but troops are free to adopt the uniform or simply wear outdoor clothing at events.

Why is it called "Frontiersmen"?

The organization began as a single group in Ohio. In order to maintain the patriotic symbolism of the Revolutionary War era, we adopted the name Ohio Frontiersmen since the territory was considered the frontier in the 1770s.

But, more than that, a frontiersman was independent, tough, motivated, self-reliant, and free; he lived off the land, and held responsibility over his family's and his neighbor's security; his knowledge of the land was second to none and his determination to survive against the odds is legendary.

A frontier family was loyal, hardworking, dependable and resilient. All members of the family worked together to strengthen their home, support each other and look out for the welfare of their neighbors.

All frontiersmen had to defend against aggression; live off the land; sustain the family through disaster; store food and supplies for the harsh winters; represent stability in the midst of the wild that surrounded them; and provide as the vanguard for citizens who shall most assuredly arrive at a later date - a perfect symbol to represent our organization.

Why should I join?

If you are an active prepper, survivalist, or even in an active militia, the Frontiersmen still have a lot to offer.

As a national organization, we have a depth of resources not found in most other groups. In addition to advanced training and experience in a variety of topics, we offer everyone a network of active members that are happy to work with you in developing your unit into an organized, well-prepared troop.

Additionally, as part of the Frontiersmen, you will be part of one of the largest civil defense networks in the country. Offering you peace of mind knowing that there are brothers and sisters willing and able to come to your aid if needed.

Joining the Frontiersmen - In Person
If you are present at a Frontiersmen event, 2 existing troop leaders can sponsor the creation of a new troop in their state. They would be responsible in administering the Frontiersmen Oath.
Joining the Frontiersmen - Online
To join online, you must contact the Membership Team who will set up a short online interview. After the interview, if 2 or more troop leaders approve of your membership, we will swear you in as a new troop.
How do I form a troop?

Forming a troop is easy.

Once you are sworn in as an official member and designated the "coordinator" for your unit, simply bring your friends and family together and discuss with them the need to prepare themselves against the threat of a natural, man-made or even economic disaster.

After you have identified those that would be interested and you have explained the Frontiersmen to them, you can officiate the swearing in of new members into your troop.

Once you have accumulated some members and the troop is officially designated, elections are made and the process of organizing begins.

We are always willing to assist new members grow their units by offering advice and council when needed. To find Frontiersmen in your local area, see to the national troop Map.

Does it cost money?


As of July 2020, there are no mandatory costs or fees associated with membership.

We do encourage members to donate if possible to the national organization. As a 501(c)3, all donations to The Frontiersmen, Inc. is tax-deductible.

Note that we do require all members to actively participate in acquiring the needed supplies and equipment to successfully prepare their families for an emergency. Your membership dues is the money you invest in your family's future.

Is my family included?


The Frontiersmen have activities for everyone - men, women, and children. We seek to have outings where the entire family can spend quality time with their family as well as make new friends.

Once an adult swears in, their spouse and children are automatically "Associate Members" and can participate in everything we do.

As time goes on, many spouses and children will ask to be sworn in as well. This of course is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

Can I join if I am older or disabled?


The Frontiersmen offer our members a variety of services that do not require physical prerequisites; communication, long-term food preparation, training, educational materials, social media, and support in the form of friendship are to name a few.

If you have a love of God - family - country then we can use you!

Can I join if I am in another organization like this?


The Frontiersmen is a civil defense network. For the whole to work together in unity, we must have a single focus in regards to structure, procedures, mission goals, and how we react to an emergency.

If you retain membership in two or more similar organizations, your priorities, communications, and more, will become confused at best - comprimised at worst. How does a person react when one groups acts in one manner and another in a different? Therefore, membership in the Frontiersmen must be exclusive in regards to similar organizations.

Members cannot retain membership in a militia, survivalist group, or similar operation while actively participating in the Frontiersmen.

Step #1 - Create an account.

After you have been sworn in, the 2 sponsoring troops will give you a Sponsor Code.

Click the LOG IN tab and select "New Member". Then enter your Sponsor Code when prompted.

The form will guide you through the process of setting up your account.

Step #2 - Download software used by the organization

The Frontiersmen employ a variety of platforms used in communicating with eachother.

The software will be listed in your account area. Be sure to acquire these programs and set up accounts as soon as possible.

Step #3 - Join the social media platforms for Members Only

The troop leaders who swore you in can help with this process.

You will need to be approved into the Member's Only Facebook page and otehr pages created for our membership.

Step #4 - Meet local leaders

Contact all troop leaders in your Company (county) and exchange contact information. Seek to set up a meet & greet whenever possible.

The organization is built upon relationships, you must actively seek to create and build upon those relationships.

Step #5 - Attend online meetings regularly

Members are asked to attend national & Regiment (state-wide) online meetings as much as possible.

It is at these meetings that decisions are made, votes taken, etc. If troop leaders cannot attend they are encouraged to send a member as a representative.

Step #6 - Organize your troop

Contact everyone you know and trust to be part of the team. Seek out those who have the motivation to help grow your unit and to help keep it active.

Once there are 4 or so members, hold elections. Elect a troop leader, and if the troop is large enough, Minuteman and/or Pioneer Corps commanders.

Once the unit is large enough for specific teams, organize the teams and elect team leaders.

Step #7 - Acquire the resources needed
Talk with the entire troop. Identify the supplies you have and what is needed. Begin to acquire the equipment and items needed as you are able to do so.
Step #8 - Begin to plan your first outing.

Talk with your troop and those around you. Schedule your first camp or activity.

Once you have experience in these activities within the troop, schedule larger ones, inviting members from other troops to attend.

What is the foundation of the Frontiersmen?

Frontiersmen share a foundation where we hold to these three core principles: God, family, country.

It is upon these core values that the entirety of the Frontiersmen is built.

Are you a religious organization?

This organization is founded upon preserving America's heritage, which is strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian faith. As such, we open our national meetings with a prayer and encourage the free discussion of faith.

Membership is open to all who can accept the open observance of this faith, regardless of the member's own personal religious tenents.

What does your motto mean?

"Vigilance is the Price of Liberty" is an abbreviated form of a quote by Thomas Jefferson, who said "the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance".

While many may think this applies only to "liberty from tyranny", the motto is much deeper than that.

Liberty is the freedom of action. If you cannot act in a manner that you wish, your liberty is hindered.

Civil unrest, government tyranny, unconstitutional laws, economic collapse, a power outage, and even severe weather can limit individual liberty. This is why we prepare against such instances.

Do you accept everyone?


The Frontersmen require that 2 or more troops sponsor the creation of a new one. The reason for this is to help ensure the people we attract are of a good character, motivated, and responsible.

Membership interviews that are held online are to learn more about the applicant and to give you more information about us.

Because we work together during an emergency, it is important to be comfortable with those we have as fellow members since they may be around our friends & family.

What are the rules/code of conduct for members?

Our rules of conduct are simple.

Treat others as they should be treated; respect the Constitutional rights of all Americans; never violate the trust no safety of any Frontiersmen; and to be our brother's keeper, never turning your back on any Frontiersmen in need.

What is a normal outing like?

Since our activities are primarily sponsored from our membership, it all depends on who is hosting the training exercise.

For the most part, you will find activities for the entire family and we encourage families to participate in them.

Most outings will have a variety of courses regarding survival, such as: shelter building, fire-making, solar cooking, water purification, tracking, trapping, land navigation, map reading, signalling, and the like.

Additionally, there will be instructional courses for self defense including: hand-to-hand combat, firearm safety, basic firearm skills, close-quarter battle (CQB) drills, and all levels of tactical training.

What is the membership culture like?

There are many members who will gladly testify to the fact that our membership is more like family than anything else. We are big, small, old, young, black, white, rich, poor, loud talkers, and quiet listeners. There is no "type" of member since we are a cross-section of what it means to be an American. The one thing we do all have in common is our desire to help each other and our love of God, family and country.

We communicate daily, share our experiences, talk about our day-to-day lives and more all the time. Members frequently have cookouts and other socials, meet in-person or online to chat, share information through a variety of social media, and much more. A feeling of belonging that cannot be adequately explained to those who have not experienced it.

What is required of me if I join?

We do not require anything from individual members or troops.

We do however, strongly encourage people to take an active role in learning about our organization and its mission by reading the Charter; to attend online meetings as often as possible; and to sponsor or attend classroom training and/or outings.

As a long-time member has stated:

"You only get out of the Frontiersmen what you put into it. If you're not getting anything, you are not doing anything."
- Gary P.

What is a "troop"?

A troop consists of your friends and family.

People you know and trust, who are willing to work together as a unit within the Frontiersmen.

Troops are identified by a specific county, but this is only for identification purposes. Member of your troop can be from anywhere.

Troop membership is based on relationship, not geographic location.

Who joins my troop?

That is up to the membership of your troop.

A typical troop usually only admits those who have a strong bond of trust with one or more of its members.

Troops are not required to allow a member to join and their personal information always remains within the unit.

How do I organize a troop?

The first thing you need to do is identify those who share the same concern as you do. Talk to friends, family, church members, co-workers, and people who share your interests about current situations such as the state of the economy, natural disasters, threat of terrorism/war, and civil unrest.

From these discussions, you can identify those who are like-minded. Once you do, set up an informal gathering to introduce the Frontiersmen.

Once a group has been assembled, admister the Frontiersmen Oath and begin filling leadership positions with their set of responsibilities.

As time goees on and more people come to join, the troop structure allows for more positions to be filled.

How is my troop identified?

Once formed, a troop will be identified by your state, county number, and a letter.

The state and county is based on where the troop believes their headquarters to be located. The county number is the same number found on license plate tags. For troop identification, it is always 3 digits, with preceeding zeros if necessary.

The letter refers to the order in which your troop has joined in that county. For instance, if it was the first, the letter is an "A", the second would be a "B", etc.

Thus the first troop in Portage county, Ohio (the 67th county) is designated OH067A, or the 67th Ohio Frontiersmen, Alpha troop.

Is there a minimum/maximum size of a troop?


Troops can have as few as a couple members to as many as they would like.

The average size of a troop is approximately 10 sworn members with many more afficiate members (spouses, children, etc.).

When a troop is starting out, it may only have 1 member serving as the temporary coordinator until new members are found.

Once a troop becomes too large and managing it becomes difficult, the troop may even split into 2 smaller units.

Can multiple troops come together to form one?

In some cases, we have seen 2 or more troops, who have worked together closely, to come together to form a single unit.

This can be done by approval of the membership in each troop. When done, the new troop chooses which troop ID they will assume and the other is simply retired.

What happens if my troop decides to leave the Frontiersmen?

If an entire troop decides to leave the Frontiersmen, they may officially resign and is simply disolved from our membership list.

Since the troop is made of friends & family, your group can remain together to follow other pursuits.

My troop resigned from the Frontiersmen, can I re-join?

Of course!

We would welcome you back to the family. Simply apply for membership again and we can talk about it at the interview.