How to Join

Joining the Frontiersmen is easy!

Option #1: Join our Online Community.

This is not a Frontiersmen membership, however it does allow you to coorespond online with our members using the Frontiersmen Forum. Ask questions, learn about membership and more!

Option #2: Join an existing troop.

In order to create an account on this website, the troop leader must give you their Troop Sponsor Code. They may find this information in the My Account section after they log in.

Option #3: Create a new troop.

You must have at least 2 existing troop leaders in your state sponsor the creation of a new troop and give you their Sponsor Codes. If you do not have sponsors, that is not a problem. We will schedule an online Membership Interview with some of our troop leaders to talk with you.

After the interview, if everything goes well, we will provide you with the Sponsor Code needed to create your new troop here.

What is an "online Membership Interview"?

Membership Interview

All new troops (units) in the Frontiersmen must be sponsored by 2 qualified troop leaders from your state.

Some applicants may not know any existing troop leaders or there may not be any currently active in your state. So when a person requests to start a troop, but they do not have the required sponsors, we hold an online meeting with the applicant on our Discord server (a free voice chat app).

The meeting is approximately 30-60 minutes and will consist of you and some existing troop leaders. You may even bring others if you like, however this is not required.

After a short discussion, the troop representatives will discuss among themselves and offer to sponsor you for membership.

Once sponsored, we would adminster the Frontiersmen Oath and afterward you would be an official member. You will then have a Sponsor Code for you to create your website account.

Do you already have a website account? Go to My Account to join a troop or start a new troop!