Stronger Together

The greatest strength of our organization is our ability to network; to bring together people from all walks of life; to unite them in a common cause; and to provde for them ways to share, learn and encourage one another.

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

- Ecclesiastes 4:12

This is the mission of the national organization. To provide the means and platforms to encourage troops from across the nation to participate in the networking and sharing of ideas and best practices. To facilitate the free flowing of ideas and viewpoints and to assist in the spreading of our member's voice.

The Frontiersmen promote and encourage our members to not only network and share with other troops in the organization, but to also reach out to like-minded groups that share our common cause. To work with those in the local area in training, planning, teaching, and reaching out to the populace about the benefits of being prepared.

The organization assists in networking by:

  • Daily chats on our Teamspeak server
  • Frontiersmen Online Radio
  • Member & public social media groups
  • Monthly National meetings
  • Nation-wide Ham networks
  • Proprietary communication systems
  • Social events
  • Text groups
  • Toll Free Number
  • Troop meetings
  • Utilizing networking apps
  • Website & Online Forum

You Are Not Alone

As with any organization, it is imperative that you stay active and engaged. If you are not networking within the Frontiersmen, you are not participating. We possess some of the most advaced methods to keep our members engaged and within reach. To allow anyone in the organization to get in touch with the person or people they need to reach in order to solve a problem, assist with a task, or offer expertise in guidance.

Our job is to make certain that when a member is in need of something, they can find the right resource for the job. We stand committed to being there for our brethren and to be accessible by you, from the day you join onward.

Are you ready to Join ?